Is wine or coffee able to ruin your leather couch?

It looks classy and so damn nice – the leather couch in the middle of your living room creates an atmosphere more spiritual, more aristocratic, more fancy and the truth is that you like it, you literally adore it. Yeah, some people claim that this type of couch is cold and unwelcomy, totally uncozy, but I may calmly state that with a couple of cushions and a few blankets, it turns out to be the perfect place to snuggle in, to cuddle in a rainy autumn afternoon, when the leaves are falling, the noise of the raindrops somehow soothing, you in a jumper and your hand in the hand of your one and only. The idyll is true and real and it would be absolutely impossible without a couch like yours, wouldn’t it? But there is one simple question that has always bothered you: is the wine or the coffee able to ruin your leather couch? Could a spill become a stain? And are those little imperfections you can notice on its surface tracks of old ones?

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These simple questions deserve a simple answer. Yes, they may ruin it, but this could happen if you procrastinate and don’t perform the cleaning on time. What I mean is that if you spill a glass (why not a bottle) of wine, but don’t remove it all, the entire liquid from the couch, it will be soon absorbed and there would be something like a stain you can easily notice. The truth is that the leather sofa stain has almost nothing in common with those on normal couches, but they might be so annoying indeed. So what I would personally recommend you is to start with the cleaning directly on the instant and not to lose a second ever again, and thus you will have a magnificently beautiful leather couch for sure.