End of tenancy cleaning

The usual requirement at the end of your rent agreement is the so called end of tenancy cleaning which includes a full clean-up of the accommodation and only thereafter the receiving of the security deposit. In most of the cases this all is connected with tension and trouble and unfortunately despite your good will, you too often don’t have the needed skills. You may do your best – cleaning every surface, removing every stain and dust particle and tidying even all the walls, but still failing to pass the landlord’s inspection. And for this reason the majority of the people today decide to hire a professional cleaning company, which will cope with this situation quickly and effectively.

Hiring an experienced cleaning company with nice reputation, famous with its professionalism will undoubtedly save you time, money and energy. And the final result will surely amaze you and fully satisfy you. So, we, from Wimbledon Cleaners, promise you a sure inspection pass, as we have all checklists used by the inspectors, we perform the end of tenancy cleaning they expect to examine.

You are still not sure why cleaning all by yourself is not the best idea? Then take a look at the requirements in some of the checklists and you will realize how hard they can be fulfilled by a non-professional.

Here are some of the most inspected places at home.

Kitchen – you believe that you maintain your kitchen well enough and that it is one of the cleanest areas of your home, but in fact it always needs some special care, because of all the bacteria and grease that can be found there. Therefore our full service will include perfect cleaning of all surfaces except for the oven, which needs some special care, because it requires more time and efforts.

Bathroom – this is the second room where bacteria live calmly. Well, we will cope with everything, including the toilet bowl and the sink, all the tiles and even in between. The detergents we will use are of high quality and will disinfect the whole place. We will remove the lime scale from the taps and the shower as well.

Bedroom – windows, walls, floor cleaning is what we will perform here. We will take care of the carpet as well, though we recommend a regular deep carpet cleaning, because it may accumulate some dust and dirt and thus cause some infections and allergies. We won’t skip the radiators and the skirting boards during our clean-up.

Living room – this is the most inhabited room in the house and we spend almost all our time here, so we will professionally clean the floor, the windows, the door-knobs and the skirting boards.

Hallways – these are too often not counted as rooms, but during the inspection are checked as well. That is why we will clean the carpets, the radiators and all the skirting boards.

With antibacterial cleaning product we take care of the door knobs and light switches all over the house. Before arriving, we ask you to make sure that there is hot water and well working electricity, because otherwise we won’t be able to make your home shine. Please, empty all the cupboards and wardrobes as well.

And if you are looking for perfect and absolutely secure end of tenancy cleaning in Wimbledon, then call our team on instant!

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices



  • Excluding carpet cleaning £84
  • Including carpet cleaning £96

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One Bedroom


  • Excluding carpet cleaning £99
  • Including carpet cleaning £113

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Two Bedroom


  • 1 Bathroom (excl. carpet) £120
  • 1 Bathroom (incl. carpet) £140
  • 2 Bathrooms (excl. carpet)£130
  • 2 Bathrooms (incl. carpet) £150

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Three Bedroom


  • 1 Bathroom (excl. carpet)£145
  • 1 Bathroom (incl. carpet) £175
  • 2 Bathrooms (excl. carpet) £155
  • 2 Bathrooms (incl. carpet) £190

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Four Bedroom


  • 1 Bathroom (excl. carpet) £210
  • 1 Bathroom (incl. carpet)£250
  • 2 Bathrooms (excl. carpet)£220
  • 2 Bathrooms (incl. carpet) £260
  • 3 Bathrooms (excl. carpet) £230
  • 3 Bathrooms (incl. carpet) £270

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Same day Service


Same day service is something that very few agencies out there can offer but it is also something that the clients always ask for. Don’t lose your deposit – hire the professionals.

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