Same day cleaning

Nowadays we all have tense and busy lifestyles and our schedules are always full, leaving us with completely no free time and still millions things to do at home. When we are about to move out, however, we have so many things to think about that we forget about the most important part – the end of tenancy cleaning and the following inspection.

The landlord or the letting agency’s representative arrives at your home with too many checklists in a nice sunny day and if the property is not perfectly cleaned and all the surfaces are not polished, all the glasses washed, and all the stains removed, you fail and simply lose the money from the security deposit. And only if the place is professionally and efficiently cleaned up, you will receive what you want – the money back in your pocket.

Wimbledon Cleaners are frequently trained and skilled experts with great experience

Who are specialized in the end of tenancy cleaning and for this reason we promise you sure inspection pass. And because we perfectly know how busy your everydayness is and how demanding your job, we offer the same day cleaning option without asking you to pay more. As soon as you call us, we are arranging an appointment and one of our excellent teams will come to your house within the next few hours.

This offer is not so popular and wide spread, but in most of the cases it’s indeed what the customer wants. So if you are looking for professional and secure service for the same day, don’t bother contacting us now.